Frank Clay Jr.

Frank shares the importance of establishing an impeccable work ethic in others and how a leader should go about achieving successful change in order to achieve exceptional results.


Helping people to improve their preparation to lead

Frank Clay is the author of the book that help leaders prepare themselves to lead: Successful Leaders | Big Believers - How to Lead During Challenging Times! Frank has spoken to business leaders across the country going back to his days with SkillPath Seminars where he lead multiple Team Leadership Seminars. He gained his formal leadership training while going through Officer Candidate School in the U.S. Army. His discipline in being a successful leader was gained during his tenure as aCommander. 

Frank’s corporate career in leadership began when he was a supervisor with Random House Inc. His career continued with multiple corporate leadership positions with Johnson &Johnson where he was a Division/Regional Sales Manager and National SalesPlanning Executive. Known for his abilities to plan and lead others to meet or exceed objectives through challenging times, Frank has found that “being prepared” to being a Successful Leader.

Frank and his wife Joy are proud parents of two wonderful daughters. Being the leader of his family, he places caring for others as a key leadership quality when faced with a major challenge. Balancing family life with writing and speaking, Frank enjoys traveling, writing, singing, being a positive force on social media and playing golf. 

What gives him the greatest joy is helping people to improve their preparation to lead in a crisis or during a major challenge. His message is very timely because each of us have a leadership moment coming. The key question is: Are you ready to lead?