FRANKLY SPEAKING… I Have always looked for the next stepping stone I could get to.

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Inspirational, Leadership | 0 comments

Throughout my life I could see the other side where things were better… where I could become better. However, there always seemed to be a river of challenges that I needed to overcome in order to make it over or to make it to the “next level” as some would say. For me, life was about finding those stepping stones… those places of opportunity where I could learn from my successes and failures to get closer to better and actually become a better person on the inside and the outside. I have learned that we all need to be better from within to make a change to see and do things differently so we can embrace a better lifestyle that can bring better experiences and outcomes.

In my memoir, EVIDENCE UNSEEN | Finding the Faith to Overcome, I talk about WHAT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and I believe my Grandmother Richardson made a significant difference in my life by providing me stepping stones to stand on to get better by her showing me love, discipline, encouragement, etc. Most important, she demanded that I set high expectations for my life as a young African American boy. “Grandma” wanted me to be a “good boy” and let me know it when I was anything other than that. She was the greatest at rewarding hard work, obedience and telling the truth. She had me learn the poem “IF” by Rudyard Kipling to help me define myself as a man. Every boy wants to know what does it mean to be a man!

To read more about how I became a man and succeeded in crossing life’s river of challenges, order your copy of my new book: EVIDENCE UNSEEN | Finding the Faith to Overcome. We all need to have the faith to find those stepping stones that allow use to cope with the river of challenges that come our way in this life. I will have more to say on my next blog post.