FRANKLY SPEAKING… It’s Self-Assessment Time!

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Business, Corporate America, Inspirational, Leadership, self-development | 0 comments

We all have been busy working multiple hours of each day all year… many of us have done so five to six days a week…10 -14 hours a day including travel. The big question is… “are we better off now versus this time of the year 12 months ago?” We all have standards, expectations, goals and objectives that have challenged us daily to be better. For many of us, our performance will result in a monetary reward or some token of appreciation at the end of the year. We all have made mistakes and missed the mark along the way but still we all would rate ourselves a “10” because that is what we want but is that what we deserve?

With the upcoming Holidays and New Year celebrations approaching, there are fewer than 30 business days to finish the year strong and take advantage of the earned gains of the current year. And, we have those 30 business days left to set standards, expectations, goals and objectives that will establish our focus for the New Year. Now is “assessment time” where we look at the past, present and future to determine for ourselves if we are “better off” for all we have done and sacrificed over the last 12 months. It is an essential self-examination of the self-return for all the work we have put into what we do.

Some key soul-searching questions that can guide this personal and professional assessment:

  • Do you feel secure where you are? Look at this question from many angles… financially, physically, emotionally, competently, career and achievement wise, etc.
  • Did you add to the bottom-line? Did you contribute to the success of the team/business/organization? Were you profitable?
  • Was there any learning, correcting, improving, etc. Were you developed, counseled, trained to higher levels of competence?
  • Did you help those around you to achieve or find better outcomes because of your efforts or professional input?
  • Can you see opportunities for achieving better… finding more success in the New Year?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, with a “10” meaning perfect, how would you rate yourself? If you are honest, what could you do now or in the future to rate yourself better in the areas most important to you and others?

Making a self-assessment at this time of the year is the first step in preparing for a productive and prosperous New Year. The next 30 business days allows you the time to seek the input and feedback from others. More importantly, it gives you enough time to make an honest assessment of yourself by looking from within. Having this knowledge about yourself can be very useful in making the necessary changes to better you and those around you.