FRANKLY SPEAKING… it’s time to “make it happen” to close the year out right!

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Business, Corporate America, Leadership | 0 comments

Whether you are in corporate America or you are an entrepreneur, it is essential to make good use of the last three months of the year. I call it “make it happen time” and I usually display an hour glass for me and others that gets the message across…. “we only have so much time left… so get busy and make it happen!”


There are three basic activities that need to happen from October to December for you to reach your business goals for the current year while setting up new opportunities for the upcoming year. Yes, to be at your best in business or in sales, you must do both effectively to enjoy on-going success and sustain growth in all areas:

  1. Close all outstanding “new business” opportunities by leveraging all aspects of the business. Making it happen is about being a good closer and influencing the purchasing process so that your product, program, project or service is secured and new revenue hits the books allowing for payouts and profits. It’s about finishing projects by reallocating resources so that the key tasks scheduled for completion by the end of the year are finalized. We never want to miss deadlines.
  2. Look for and create new business opportunities for the following year. Follow up on leads from conventions. Meet one on one with key customers to engage in their vision for the future and work closely with them to find options and solutions that involve your business or corporation. Generate proposals and set up demonstrations that offer better outcomes and efficiencies. Be generous in giving out new information. I always say, ” the only way you will influence a customer’s decision making is to give them new information that will create a new way of thinking about what you are offering”
  3. Look at the numbers! See the trends and pay attention to the path of performance that will keep you on budget and allows the business to hit its top line goals. If you are an entrepreneur, pay attention to the tax strategy that you and your accountant developed… especially if you are having a good year. If your numbers are not favorable, consider a course correction and build a strategy for the future. When you are on task, on budget, hitting your top and bottom line numbers, you are making it happen.

In my new book EVIDENCE UNSEEN: Finding the Faith to Overcome, there are multiple examples of how I made it happen in corporate America and as an entrepreneur doing business with the government. There are always challenges in business that require you to have the faith to overcome multiple business concerns and make it happen.

To get a signed copy of my new book, go to Remember, the sand is falling and you only have so much time to “make it happen!” Create that sense of urgency and find success.