FRANKLY SPEAKING… Knowing What to Expect Can Make a Difference

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What can you expect from others? What am I dealing with here? What are the expectations of me and how are they defined? If you only knew what was expected of you, things might be different. When you have clear expectations, you gain a heighten sense of urgency. You quickly come to grips with what can and cannot be done. When you are aware of what needs to be done and what resources you have, you can plan accordingly.

Too often when change comes upon us, we fail to take time to ask the question… “What are the expectations?” And to get to the answer, you need to know some basics:

  • The task at hand … the goal
  • Any past performance… the history/lessons learned
  • Timing… the deadline
  • Budget… approved spending
  • Resources… both human and material
  • Preferences… desired outcomes

In my new memoir, EVIDENCE UNSEEN, Finding the Faith to Overcome, I create an enormous amount of details about what ti will take to be successful in the military, corporate America and as an entrepreneur, particularly if you are African American. There is an emphasis on the importance of having the faith to believe in the impossible to achieve what is possible. The expectation is that you can do anything if you find the faith to overcome life’s challenges. I am evidence that knowing what to expect can make a difference. Visit to Pre-Order!