FRANKLY SPEAKING… Make Your Moves Count!

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Business, Corporate America, Inspirational, Leadership, Political, Spiritual | 0 comments

The game of checkers teaches us some true realities of life. Many times we are forced into being jumped so our opposition can advance and put us on the defense. If you are into the game of checkers, you realize that you have to do the same thing to others and win because “that is the way the game is played.” So, it is important to make your moves count each time you put your hand your checkers. Yes, make every move count!

In real life, it is the same way, particularly during challenging times when everyone is taking sides, setting you up to be jumped, and throwing you off your game. You see everyone positioning themselves to win at all cost.

So, what can we learn from playing this game called checkers?

  1. Don’t take, conflict, change and challenges personal.
  2. Don’t be afraid to step over someone to advance your agenda.
  3. Protect your gains as long as you can.
  4. Proceed with caution, some moves require an unfavorable response.
  5. Respect your opposition, they have the same amount pieces like you.
  6. Review all your options before you make a move.
  7. Set your thinking for success… you may lose one move and you still can win the game.

In my book EVIDENCE UNSEEN: Finding the Faith to Overcome, I talk about how I beat my grandfather the first time I played him and won. He was mad and could not believe he had lost. My secret, I watched him play others and studied his moves carefully. Sometimes it pays to sit and watch a true winner so that you can become a winner yourself one day too.

“Life is a game, you win, you lose, no one is to blame. All you care is to be able to make that next move somewhere” Frank Clay, Jr.