FRANKLY SPEAKING… the A,B,C’s of Success really work… more EVIDENCE UNSEEN!

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Coco Gauff at 15 years old acknowledged her faith in God after first championship win!

Take time to share the A,B,C’s of Success with your children and grandchildren, particularly when the EVIDENCE UNSEEN is clearly visible for all to see. I kept my promise to myself to ask my granddaughter the question: “Do you know who Coco Gauff and Simone Biles are? Not surprised, my 6 year old granddaughter said, “no.” So, I showed her the video of the youngest national tennis champion at 15 years of age… Coco Gauff. She was talking recently after her historic win and she made the following points about achieving success:

  • Dream big!
  • Don’t let anyone discourage you.
  • Determine for yourself you can do it.
  • Dedicate yourself to working hard.
  • Decide and be devoted to becoming a winner.

I then showed my granddaughter a YouTube video of Simone Biles who is now the most decorated female gymnast ever with 24 gold metals. My granddaughter does not know about her struggles with getting over the sexual abuse by her USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. It is almost impossible to say that you are the greatest world class champion of the sport you love and in the back of your mind you struggle with the disappointment you feel about sexual abuses that were allowed by the same sport that crowns you the greatest ever. No one want to hear or talk about this… you have to find the faith to overcome. To me, this is what makes her achievements so defining. She kept the faith to overcome her person challenges and keep it moving!

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Simone Biles – more EVIDEN UNSEEN that you can overcome life’s challenges!

In my memoir, EVIDENCE UNSEEN, Finding the Faith to Overcome, I share my story of a victorious life in the military, corporate America and as an entrepreneur who started a multimillion-dollar business that all too often left me with serious challenges that required me to have the faith to overcome. Coco Gauff and Simone Biles, as two accomplished, African American women, who have iconic stories that are worth sharing today with our young people. They are an inspiration to all, especially those who are struggling to overcome life’s challenges.

I have observed these champions with my own eyes and there is some EVIDENCE UNSEEN that deserves highlighting. One, these ladies compete to win without question. They have a winning attitude. Two, these ladies are blessed to have supportive parents who encourage and sacrifice for their child’s greatness. These two factors help make a child’s chances for success unlimited. However, without the faith to overcome personal challenges, your ultimate success is unknowingly in the restricted zone.

Here are the A,B,C’s of Success that can help you find the faith to overcome. To have a practical application of the meaning… let me explain each letter briefly in reverse:

C – Conceive what the goal, objective, dream, vision is that you are striving for.

B – Believe that you can be what you are trying to be! Become what you believe.

A – Achieve… do the work, the preparation and seize the opportunity before you. Win!

We should applaud and share the success of Coco Gauff and Simone Biles. If we do not, their legacy will end up as EVIDENCE UNSEEN. We have the responsibility to share these messages and teach the A,B,C’s of Success because, frankly speaking, they work!

Frank Clay