FRANKLY SPEAKING… we can be our own worst enemy when we consider what we do!

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Lord knows I like to have a good time. We all do if we can! However, if we examined why we do some of the things we do casually or recreationally, many of us would say we were simply taking a “time-out” from the technologically and socially engaged “i-World” we are all challenged with moment by moment each day. So, we tend to “check out” to relax or to get a break from it all. However, in these times, we need to just watch ourselves. We all are targeted by those who mean well and those who do not. We all are at risk to “user habits” that can knowingly be abused, addictive and not good for our well being.

I share this very important piece of wisdom in my new book EVIDENCE UNSEEN | Finding the Faith to Overcome that I hope we all will pay attention to. It goes like this: “Do not let your fun, folly, foolishness or fantasy become your failure.” This quote is worth a serious discussion and it is a warning to some that they should bring a pause or caution to what they are doing. Why put yourself, your friendships, your career, your marriage in danger when you have so much to lose by getting out of control and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

I am evidence that you can make changes within yourself to make life better for you and those around you… and you still can have your enjoyment by being at the right places and hanging out with the right crowd. If you are challenged in making the needed changes for yourself, I encourage you to find the faith… “the will” to overcome whatever it is that is not good for you and those around you. To find out more practical pieces of wisdom to live this life better, order my new memoir: EVIDENCE UNSEEN | Finding the Faith to Overcome. We all want to live a successful life of enjoyment and it is good to remind ourselves not to be our own worst enemy by doing the wrong things at the wrong time.

Frankly Speaking