FRANKLY SPEAKING… What does it take to overcome a challenge you are facing?

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We all face challenges in life that if we succeed in successfully dealing with our challenge, everything continues and life gets better.

This is true if we are facing challenges at home, on the job, at school, in the business or within ourselves. Everyday has challenges that require us to adapt or change. So, how?

Here is what I have always told myself… “Just do it!” Find the will to be: D… DETERMINED… have a attitude of “I will” do it no matter how I feel or what I think; O… OPEN your mind to envision options and other possibilities for a solution; I… INVEST your time and treasures (resources) to achieve what is required; and, T… TACKLE the tasks that must be done and complete them in a timely manner.

How you approach a challenge can make a difference. It’s important to believe in the impossible to achieve what is possible. Overcoming a challenge is not always easy. Sometimes you have the trust the fact that overcoming a challenge will actually make us better, stronger and more confident over time.

In my memoir, EVIDENCE UNSEEN | Finding the Faith to Overcome, I share many real life challenges that I had to overcome… many were not easy but I was determined “do it” and make my life better than it was. I am evidence that this can be done. I am the EVIDENCE UNSEEN.