When there is an immediate crisis or major challenge that has everyone going in multiple directions, Successful Leaders must “do the right thing!” What is the right thing to do during periods of uncertainty? What should guide a leader’s behavior and their communication to others when they are challenged to respond to unforeseen circumstances that demand that they display exceptional moral courage to allow others to move in the right direction?

These and other questions deserve serious reflection so that a leader is properly prepared to act when their leadership moment comes suddenly and they are face with what to do next. Certainly, this subject deserves more study by any leader who desires to lead others through successful change. How one reacts or response to a major challenge will surely set a precedent for others to follow and emulate. The unintended consequences of a leader “not” doing the right thing inevitably causes great harm to all those who fall under their leadership.

One way… The right way… The only way!

“Stand with anybody that stands right, 

stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong.” 

President Abraham Lincoln

Considering our national politics and the influence of social media where what is projected to be right and wrong is unfortunately confusing for many, what we see has an impact. Somehow people are influenced to believe that what is wrong is somehow right, even when facts show us otherwise. Leaders today are called to address these inconsistencies and untruths that reflect on our values as leaders to always want to do what is right when others are seemingly doing what is wrong. Successful Leaders know what is the right thing to do and they seek to make a difference when others are being misled, especially in a crisis or when faced with a major challenge.

Successful Leaders who are Big Believers in doing the right thing will find it appropriate to embrace these three values or principles when leading others during an immediate crisis or when faced with a major challenge:

  1. Be Honest… never intentionally mislead or misrepresent what is the truth.
  2. Be Moral… just do the right thing for all the right reasons.
  3. Be Thoughtful… remember your values and think of others before you thing about yourself.

“Peace of mind produces right values, right values produce right thoughts.  Right thoughts produce right actions.”  Robert M. Pirsig

What will you do when your leadership moment comes and you face an immediate crisis or you are called on to lead others through a major challenge? Will you do the right thing?


Frank Clay is the author of his upcoming book: SUCCESSFUL LEADERS | BIG BELIEVER : How to Lead During Challenging Times.